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Renting isn't just living in someone else's property.  It's about finding, caring for and living in your own home.   Too many landlords and letting agents forget this and treat private tenants as investment funds rather than people. There is a huge amount of online resources for landlords but very few resources for tenants.   We wanted to change that. So we made Renters Forum. Renters Forum is a resource for private renters who are looking for advice or to share experiences of renting. Ask about your landlord, your property, your letting agent. Why not visit and join our community now? Need advice about your landlord?   Advice about your letting agent?  Advice about deposits?  Advice about rent, repairs or property maintenance?   Head over to the Community now!

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Sometimes we write things that we think are interesting - then we discuss them in our community. You can read these things here!
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