At Christmas time it’s nice to join in with the festive spirit, lighten the mood and shoo off the dark evenings with some bright, twinkly, flashy Christmas lights.

But are you allowed to put up Christmas lights around your rented house or flat?

Before you spend all your hard-earned cash in B&Q or Homebase on the latest flashy snowman, LED reindeer, or icicle lights, it’s worth researching whether you’re allowed to put up Christmas lights and LEDs around your house.

The first thing to take in to consideration is that although you’re a renter or tenant in the house, and it’s your nice warm home, you don’t own the building. The landlords owns the building. Making any form of alterations to the building, climbing on the roof (which I wouldn’t recommend even if you have all the right safety equipment, insurance and experience),  or by drilling holes is probably written about in your tenancy agreement.

You may have asked: Do I need to ask permission from my landlord to put up Christmas lights?

Your tenancy agreement likely states that you’re not allowed to make any structural alterations to building.

So my advice is, if you want to put up Christmas lights around your rented house or flat, ask your landlord.
It’s your landlord’s house that he or she owns, so treat it with respect.
Communication between landlords and tenants is vitally important, at all stages throughout the tenancy and Christmas is no exception to this.

Are you allowed to have Christmas lights outside your rented house or flat?

It depends on your landlord. Get in touch, sweeten him up with a mince pie and a sherry. Good luck!

While you’re at it join the Renters Forum, chat to other renters and ask if any of them have had issues with putting up Christmas lights.